Many factors will determine the most appropriate location of your water tank. Pro Plastics recommends that you walk around your property and note the locations of your down pipes. The closer the tank is to a down pipe, the simpler and cheaper the installation will be.

Once you have selected an appropriate site, you can begin to prepare the site for the tank. Level ground means there is little or no preparation involved - just carry the tank in and make the connections.

Bases and Stands

The base that can be used for the tank can be sand or concrete. The tank can also be put on a stand.


A 70-100mm sand bed is an ideal base. Ensure the sand bed is 200mm wider than the diameter of the tank and that the sand cannot be eroded from under the tank. To prevent erosion, the garden edge can be used or the sand bed can be surrounded with timber. Ensure that overflow is directed away from the tank.


Tank may be installed on a level concrete slab (min 75mm) slightly wider than the diameter of the tank. Pro Plastics recommends that 700L, 1400L, and 2800L tanks be installed only on concrete base.

Tank Stands

Only tank stands with hardwood decking spaced no more than 50mm apart should be used. Bearers must have sufficient strength to prevent deflection when tank is full. A building approval will be needed for tank stands. For more info contact your local council.

Tank Overflow

The tank overflow must be connected to the existing stormwater system.

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